As human beings we are all programmed from birth to seek out our soulmate or a partner who hopefully will fulfill our need for companionship and to overcome that feeling of loneliness. And it doesn’t matter what sexual preferences we have, as long as there is that special someone to fill the void.

Unfortunately, at the same time humans have a tendency to be selfish, and self-centered to our own needs and if other people don’t go along with what we like or don’t like we can make not only our own lives miserable, but those with whom we have drawn into our space.

If that’s the case, I guess we should ask why did God create us to feel one way only to become conflicted with our own desires? Or is it that man and not God made the decision to have one partner in life, not only for the purpose to procreate, but to make us feel secure that we would never be alone if we were willing to make the sacrifice of limiting our partners hoping that they would stick around.

I suppose that’s a question that until we die may never be answered. Giving us one choice. Do our best to deal with having a partner to keep us company or live alone. Either way is never the best answer.

Defeating the Forces of Evil

Mankind has always somehow found a way to recover from the most catastrophic events throughout history from wars, fires, floods, hurricanes and pandemics that shows how resilient we are as human beings. But sometimes, in spite of our strength to overcome these obstacles, when it comes to fighting “Evil”, that is the one thing that we seem to find the most difficult to overcome.

Since the dawn of man’s creation, the forces of evil have made it’s way into our lives and no matter how hard we try to fight it off, for some reason it seems to have a means to conquer our weaknesses, making us submissive and vulnerable to its demands.

If you doubt what I am saying take a good look at the world around you. How a single person can control every aspect of your life, destroying everything you value, if they are able to convince even a small few to help them achieve their goals of power.

Every civilization has seen this, and regardless of how far man has come, stopping people who assume such power seems to make us powerless, unless we are willing to take a stand and do whatever it takes to fight back without fear.

Many countries around the world even now in modern times are still being victimized by “Leaders” who are defined as pure evil, dictating how they can live and if they don’t do as they are told they will be persecuted or even killed.

America today would be no different then other countries, if we hadn’t shown our strength and endurance to pursue our freedom against anyone who has dared to steal it from us, no matter the cost or sacrifices we’ve had to make.

But it’s not to say that the battle has been won, as long as there are those possessed by evil who will do whatever it takes to bring us down. Something that we are once again witnessing these past several years as those who wish to destroy us are working relentless to do so.

That is why we need to pay attention and not let these evil people consume us with lies and camouflage hoping to deceive us into submission. We must be diligent not to take the bait of deception, but rather expose and defeat them before they can do any more damage to our lives and our society as a nation. Stamp out the evilness that is so desperately trying to consume us. These are the people who pretend to be our caretakers and leaders, but who in fact are nothing more than followers of the most evil entity of all “Satan” himself.

The Tidal Wave of Our Modern World

I feel so sorry for my grandchildren and great grandchildren who will never know or experience the childhood that I and my children once had growing up in America, when families came together, people had morals, you spent time with your friends doing things outside, had respect for your teachers, and God was a part of our daily lives in all that we did, from going to church tp praying in our schools.

But since that time somehow along the way we allowed a door to open from the bowels of hell, that has literally begun to consume us in so many unimaginable ways that it’s beyond frightening. From the moment we were introduced to modern technology, especially that of social media humans have allowed themselves to become so consumed with phones, computers and listening to those who are mentality unstable, that we can no longer think for ourselves, slowly but surely tearing down our walls of independence, as we sit and watch as life as we know it is falling apart all around us with no end in sight.

This is the world we shall leave to the next generation unless we wake up and start realizing that in order to survive we can’t keep letting machines and those who have taken power continue to enslave us like mindless robots. We need to start rethinking about those things that we have been made to forget and start taking back control of our lives or we shall perish as a species.


Every day it seems that our country has no idea what the maniacs who are now running it into the ground are going to do to us next. What, everyone with any common sense should be asking suddenly turned these people who were elected and claim to be working for the people into hateful traitors who have this determination to destroy their own country no matter the cost or how it affects every human being who lives in America.

Have they been offered a big payoff by a foreign enemy who wants to conquer us after they’ve made us weak and vulnerable? Or have they all suddenly been influenced by an evil force that they have embraced for personal gain and power, willing to lose their souls to eternal damnation?

We are now at a crossroads in America, we can either sit back and let these evil people continue to consume us and the lives of our future children, or we can stand up and fight against them and the evil path they have chosen to destroy us.


Anyone who doesn’t believe there is such a thing as the Devil, Lucifer, Satan, or whatever you choose to call him you have already given him the seeds of evil to manipulate you into believing that he and not God will give you the things in life you desire.

Since his fall from God’s grace he has set forth to tempt God’s greatest creation “Man” hoping to steal away your soul from God’s grace. He is cunning and chooses the weak and those he knows who are willing to do whatever it takes to enhance their greed and power upon this earth, no matter the cost of eternal damnation.

It doesn’t matter how far man will advance through the ages, “Evil” will continue to be ever present lurking around every corner waiting to create havoc, pain and suffering to all those who refuse to accept him and those he has chosen to do his bidding.

If you have any doubts look at our past history and at our world today at those who have shown such hatred for their fellow man, doing things to them that are despicable, showing no remorse as long as they can fulfill their own evil thirst.

America has been very fortunate to have been spared much of what we have seen happening to so many other countries who unfortunately cannot escape the clutches of those leaders who have taken control of their lives. But this has made us vulnerable and closed minded to those who are seeking to take advantage of our ignorance.

This we are now seeing happening before our eyes within a branch of our own government, who have for whatever reason allowed themselves to become consumed by these evil forces that are driving them down that path to self-destruction of their own country, losing sight of God, to appease “Satan”.

This should be an eye opener for all of us that unless we are willing to stand strong and fight back, America will be no better than those countries we have seen living under a rule of evil.


I have stood tall gazing upon her harbors and shores for over a century, America the home of the free and the brave.

But lately, I have seen a turn of events from a pandemic to political destruction, that has caused me to fear if she may be too far gone to save.

Why, I must ask would anyone want to harm her, she who has given so much to all those who have sought her shores for shelter, and loving care.

And yet today, I see that she is being attacked by those who have chosen hatred, false accusations of racism and violence creating for her children a nation of despair.

How could she have let such evilness consume her by those who seek power through “Satan’s” path, a nation who believes in God and peace for which we stand.

The blazing torch that will forever guide those who seek refuge for a better life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness throughout her precious land.


With summer upon us we all like to have barbecues and parties to share with our friends, is why I decided to write my first cookbook hoping to share some of the delicious recipes that I have collected from friends and family over the years.

No more having to search through all your cookbooks to create the perfect menu for any occasion, when you can find everything you need in one easy to follow recipe cookbook.

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Throughout history mankind has always fought to protect his rights to freedom, religious beliefs and the ability to succeed in life that for some unfortunately, has been a battle having been born in countries, where they have taken that away from it’s citizens, which we having been born in a great country can’t even imagine.

That’s why it’s so mind boggling to witness this sudden change of mindset by those right here in America, who have for whatever reason become obsessed with wanting to turn us into one of those horrible places.

America has always been a place where people could come to experience freedom, equality, opportunity, prosperity, justice and worship God, so why would anyone in their right mind want to destroy the benefits we have been privileged to have been given?

Evil has no place in America and those who have chosen it’s path, have obviously been possessed by the devil himself who has and will continue to use those he finds to be weak and lost to do his bidding. Not realizing that in the end, good will eventually overcome evil and strength in numbers by those who ask for God’s help will win the battle.


Over the years I have read a number of science fiction books and seen quite a few movies as well, some actually taken from those books. And although they may have seemed far fetched at the time, I never dismissed the idea that one day those things could actually come true, but hopefully not in my lifetime, so you can imagine how scary it is to actually begin seeing some of those things happening now.

The advancement of modern technology for one thing, which many people including myself believe didn’t just happen over night without help from a more intelligent civilization who from what I’ve been reading may have come here not thousands, but millions of years ago and our government knows more than they are saying in fear that we may panic if we knew aliens were living right under our noses.

And then there was the pandemic, something from the past that we assumed as an advanced civilization we could with stand, having come so far in the advancement of medicine. Guess we learned a lesson, that when it comes to disease and the weather man is just as helpless and vulnerable today as were our ancestors.

But even with all those things happening, nothing could have prepared those of us living in America for this sudden outburst of pure evil coming from within one of our political parties who in spite of their differences has never been so hell bent on trying to deliberately destroy their own country no matter what it takes to do so.

Lying, cheating, inciting violence, racism, hatred that is turning families, friends and neighbors against one another. Trying to destroy our history, culture, constitution, democracy, prosperity and threatening to persecute anyone who dares to defy them and their evil destructive ideology.

As a Christian who believes in the evil persuasion of Satan, to manipulate people into denouncing God and doing these despicable things, makes me realize that unless those of us who refuse to follow him and those he has chosen to do his bidding and take a stand to defeat him, evil will continue to spread like a fire to unlimited boundaries for which there will be only one ending for humanity, a living hell on earth.


If you don’t believe that there is such a thing as the “Devil” then think again. He is very real and very much still active in our present world today, and will continue to pursue mankind in whatever way possible to do his bidding in order to achieve his goal of destroying everything that is good in defiance of God and those who worship Him.

Since tempting Eve to give Adam the “Apple” in the garden of Eden, observing how easy it was to manipulate her using her weakness for their own selfish needs, even knowing the consequences of their actions if they defied God’s laws. This has given Satan the power to influence mankind without any limits, fooling us to believe he will reward us, when God will punish us for our sins.

For thousands of years our history has shown the detrimental affects of what evil can do when leaders of civilizations are willing to harm their own people solely out of greed for power and control. Something to this day we continue to witness around the globe. Making us who live in America blessed that our democratic government has protected us from having to experience a life like those living in third world communist countries like China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela.

But like all good things in life there are no guarantees, something we as a nation are beginning to discover when you start taking things for granted. There will always be someone or something evil that will eventually rock your world.

These past four and half years, whether you care to believe it or not “America” has begun to be transformed by such an evil. One that is so powerful and overwhelming that those who are influencing us have become so consumed, that I believe even they no longer realize the consequences of their own actions. Their hatred of their own country, showing no remorse for what they are imposing upon it’s citizens that is causing detrimental damage is beyond comprehension. Such a sudden change in their behavior can only be described as the work of “Satan” who will continue to reign if we God’s children don’t stop it from permanently destroying us.