Every year people always make New Year resolutions that they hope to keep, but we all know how that works out. We start off with good intentions, but after about three weeks we slowly begin to slack off and forget about those self promises. Like going to the gym to exercise three times a week.Continue reading “YOUR 2020 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION”

How Man Will Self-Destruct

For decades we have all laughed at how far fetched all of those Sci-Fi movies are, like “Star Trek”, “Star Wars”, ” The Terminator Series” and “I’ Robot”, just to name a few, where technology becomes so advanced that man slowly becomes obsolete. How ridiculous is that we all said. Well hold on to yourContinue reading “How Man Will Self-Destruct”


I couldn’t help, but notice that even the holiday’s aren’t what they used to be. Between everything becoming so commercialized, the young generation who are so wrapped up on social media and immigrants of various none Christian beliefs, it’s just one more thing that we American’s have allowed to be stripped away from our traditions.Continue reading “THE HOLIDAY SEASON”