As human beings we are all programmed from birth to seek out our soulmate or a partner who hopefully will fulfill our need for companionship and to overcome that feeling of loneliness. And it doesn’t matter what sexual preferences we have, as long as there is that special someone to fill the void. Unfortunately, atContinue reading “THE TRUTH ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS”

Defeating the Forces of Evil

Mankind has always somehow found a way to recover from the most catastrophic events throughout history from wars, fires, floods, hurricanes and pandemics that shows how resilient we are as human beings. But sometimes, in spite of our strength to overcome these obstacles, when it comes to fighting “Evil”, that is the one thing thatContinue reading “Defeating the Forces of Evil”

The Tidal Wave of Our Modern World

I feel so sorry for my grandchildren and great grandchildren who will never know or experience the childhood that I and my children once had growing up in America, when families came together, people had morals, you spent time with your friends doing things outside, had respect for your teachers, and God was a partContinue reading “The Tidal Wave of Our Modern World”


Throughout history mankind has always fought to protect his rights to freedom, religious beliefs and the ability to succeed in life that for some unfortunately, has been a battle having been born in countries, where they have taken that away from it’s citizens, which we having been born in a great country can’t even imagine.Continue reading “REALITY OF A WOKE SOCIETY”


Over the years I have read a number of science fiction books and seen quite a few movies as well, some actually taken from those books. And although they may have seemed far fetched at the time, I never dismissed the idea that one day those things could actually come true, but hopefully not inContinue reading “EVIL HAS NO BOUNDARIES UNTIL IT’S DEFEATED”


If you don’t believe that there is such a thing as the “Devil” then think again. He is very real and very much still active in our present world today, and will continue to pursue mankind in whatever way possible to do his bidding in order to achieve his goal of destroying everything that isContinue reading “IS AMERICA BEING REIGNED BY SATAN’S HAND”