As human beings we are all programmed from birth to seek out our soulmate or a partner who hopefully will fulfill our need for companionship and to overcome that feeling of loneliness. And it doesn’t matter what sexual preferences we have, as long as there is that special someone to fill the void.

Unfortunately, at the same time humans have a tendency to be selfish, and self-centered to our own needs and if other people don’t go along with what we like or don’t like we can make not only our own lives miserable, but those with whom we have drawn into our space.

If that’s the case, I guess we should ask why did God create us to feel one way only to become conflicted with our own desires? Or is it that man and not God made the decision to have one partner in life, not only for the purpose to procreate, but to make us feel secure that we would never be alone if we were willing to make the sacrifice of limiting our partners hoping that they would stick around.

I suppose that’s a question that until we die may never be answered. Giving us one choice. Do our best to deal with having a partner to keep us company or live alone. Either way is never the best answer.

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