Defeating the Forces of Evil

Mankind has always somehow found a way to recover from the most catastrophic events throughout history from wars, fires, floods, hurricanes and pandemics that shows how resilient we are as human beings. But sometimes, in spite of our strength to overcome these obstacles, when it comes to fighting “Evil”, that is the one thing that we seem to find the most difficult to overcome.

Since the dawn of man’s creation, the forces of evil have made it’s way into our lives and no matter how hard we try to fight it off, for some reason it seems to have a means to conquer our weaknesses, making us submissive and vulnerable to its demands.

If you doubt what I am saying take a good look at the world around you. How a single person can control every aspect of your life, destroying everything you value, if they are able to convince even a small few to help them achieve their goals of power.

Every civilization has seen this, and regardless of how far man has come, stopping people who assume such power seems to make us powerless, unless we are willing to take a stand and do whatever it takes to fight back without fear.

Many countries around the world even now in modern times are still being victimized by “Leaders” who are defined as pure evil, dictating how they can live and if they don’t do as they are told they will be persecuted or even killed.

America today would be no different then other countries, if we hadn’t shown our strength and endurance to pursue our freedom against anyone who has dared to steal it from us, no matter the cost or sacrifices we’ve had to make.

But it’s not to say that the battle has been won, as long as there are those possessed by evil who will do whatever it takes to bring us down. Something that we are once again witnessing these past several years as those who wish to destroy us are working relentless to do so.

That is why we need to pay attention and not let these evil people consume us with lies and camouflage hoping to deceive us into submission. We must be diligent not to take the bait of deception, but rather expose and defeat them before they can do any more damage to our lives and our society as a nation. Stamp out the evilness that is so desperately trying to consume us. These are the people who pretend to be our caretakers and leaders, but who in fact are nothing more than followers of the most evil entity of all “Satan” himself.

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