The Tidal Wave of Our Modern World

I feel so sorry for my grandchildren and great grandchildren who will never know or experience the childhood that I and my children once had growing up in America, when families came together, people had morals, you spent time with your friends doing things outside, had respect for your teachers, and God was a part of our daily lives in all that we did, from going to church tp praying in our schools.

But since that time somehow along the way we allowed a door to open from the bowels of hell, that has literally begun to consume us in so many unimaginable ways that it’s beyond frightening. From the moment we were introduced to modern technology, especially that of social media humans have allowed themselves to become so consumed with phones, computers and listening to those who are mentality unstable, that we can no longer think for ourselves, slowly but surely tearing down our walls of independence, as we sit and watch as life as we know it is falling apart all around us with no end in sight.

This is the world we shall leave to the next generation unless we wake up and start realizing that in order to survive we can’t keep letting machines and those who have taken power continue to enslave us like mindless robots. We need to start rethinking about those things that we have been made to forget and start taking back control of our lives or we shall perish as a species.

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