Every day it seems that our country has no idea what the maniacs who are now running it into the ground are going to do to us next. What, everyone with any common sense should be asking suddenly turned these people who were elected and claim to be working for the people into hateful traitors who have this determination to destroy their own country no matter the cost or how it affects every human being who lives in America.

Have they been offered a big payoff by a foreign enemy who wants to conquer us after they’ve made us weak and vulnerable? Or have they all suddenly been influenced by an evil force that they have embraced for personal gain and power, willing to lose their souls to eternal damnation?

We are now at a crossroads in America, we can either sit back and let these evil people continue to consume us and the lives of our future children, or we can stand up and fight against them and the evil path they have chosen to destroy us.

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