Anyone who doesn’t believe there is such a thing as the Devil, Lucifer, Satan, or whatever you choose to call him you have already given him the seeds of evil to manipulate you into believing that he and not God will give you the things in life you desire.

Since his fall from God’s grace he has set forth to tempt God’s greatest creation “Man” hoping to steal away your soul from God’s grace. He is cunning and chooses the weak and those he knows who are willing to do whatever it takes to enhance their greed and power upon this earth, no matter the cost of eternal damnation.

It doesn’t matter how far man will advance through the ages, “Evil” will continue to be ever present lurking around every corner waiting to create havoc, pain and suffering to all those who refuse to accept him and those he has chosen to do his bidding.

If you have any doubts look at our past history and at our world today at those who have shown such hatred for their fellow man, doing things to them that are despicable, showing no remorse as long as they can fulfill their own evil thirst.

America has been very fortunate to have been spared much of what we have seen happening to so many other countries who unfortunately cannot escape the clutches of those leaders who have taken control of their lives. But this has made us vulnerable and closed minded to those who are seeking to take advantage of our ignorance.

This we are now seeing happening before our eyes within a branch of our own government, who have for whatever reason allowed themselves to become consumed by these evil forces that are driving them down that path to self-destruction of their own country, losing sight of God, to appease “Satan”.

This should be an eye opener for all of us that unless we are willing to stand strong and fight back, America will be no better than those countries we have seen living under a rule of evil.

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