Throughout history mankind has always fought to protect his rights to freedom, religious beliefs and the ability to succeed in life that for some unfortunately, has been a battle having been born in countries, where they have taken that away from it’s citizens, which we having been born in a great country can’t even imagine.

That’s why it’s so mind boggling to witness this sudden change of mindset by those right here in America, who have for whatever reason become obsessed with wanting to turn us into one of those horrible places.

America has always been a place where people could come to experience freedom, equality, opportunity, prosperity, justice and worship God, so why would anyone in their right mind want to destroy the benefits we have been privileged to have been given?

Evil has no place in America and those who have chosen it’s path, have obviously been possessed by the devil himself who has and will continue to use those he finds to be weak and lost to do his bidding. Not realizing that in the end, good will eventually overcome evil and strength in numbers by those who ask for God’s help will win the battle.

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