Over the years I have read a number of science fiction books and seen quite a few movies as well, some actually taken from those books. And although they may have seemed far fetched at the time, I never dismissed the idea that one day those things could actually come true, but hopefully not in my lifetime, so you can imagine how scary it is to actually begin seeing some of those things happening now.

The advancement of modern technology for one thing, which many people including myself believe didn’t just happen over night without help from a more intelligent civilization who from what I’ve been reading may have come here not thousands, but millions of years ago and our government knows more than they are saying in fear that we may panic if we knew aliens were living right under our noses.

And then there was the pandemic, something from the past that we assumed as an advanced civilization we could with stand, having come so far in the advancement of medicine. Guess we learned a lesson, that when it comes to disease and the weather man is just as helpless and vulnerable today as were our ancestors.

But even with all those things happening, nothing could have prepared those of us living in America for this sudden outburst of pure evil coming from within one of our political parties who in spite of their differences has never been so hell bent on trying to deliberately destroy their own country no matter what it takes to do so.

Lying, cheating, inciting violence, racism, hatred that is turning families, friends and neighbors against one another. Trying to destroy our history, culture, constitution, democracy, prosperity and threatening to persecute anyone who dares to defy them and their evil destructive ideology.

As a Christian who believes in the evil persuasion of Satan, to manipulate people into denouncing God and doing these despicable things, makes me realize that unless those of us who refuse to follow him and those he has chosen to do his bidding and take a stand to defeat him, evil will continue to spread like a fire to unlimited boundaries for which there will be only one ending for humanity, a living hell on earth.

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