If you don’t believe that there is such a thing as the “Devil” then think again. He is very real and very much still active in our present world today, and will continue to pursue mankind in whatever way possible to do his bidding in order to achieve his goal of destroying everything that is good in defiance of God and those who worship Him.

Since tempting Eve to give Adam the “Apple” in the garden of Eden, observing how easy it was to manipulate her using her weakness for their own selfish needs, even knowing the consequences of their actions if they defied God’s laws. This has given Satan the power to influence mankind without any limits, fooling us to believe he will reward us, when God will punish us for our sins.

For thousands of years our history has shown the detrimental affects of what evil can do when leaders of civilizations are willing to harm their own people solely out of greed for power and control. Something to this day we continue to witness around the globe. Making us who live in America blessed that our democratic government has protected us from having to experience a life like those living in third world communist countries like China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela.

But like all good things in life there are no guarantees, something we as a nation are beginning to discover when you start taking things for granted. There will always be someone or something evil that will eventually rock your world.

These past four and half years, whether you care to believe it or not “America” has begun to be transformed by such an evil. One that is so powerful and overwhelming that those who are influencing us have become so consumed, that I believe even they no longer realize the consequences of their own actions. Their hatred of their own country, showing no remorse for what they are imposing upon it’s citizens that is causing detrimental damage is beyond comprehension. Such a sudden change in their behavior can only be described as the work of “Satan” who will continue to reign if we God’s children don’t stop it from permanently destroying us.

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