What Modern Society is Doing to Our Children

If I could turn back time for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to show them how different life was when I was a child, I think even in spite of how they’ve been taught in these modern times, they would like to be able to experience what it would be like to actually enjoy just being a kid. Going outside to play with their friends without having to make an appointment for a “Playdate”. Or being hovered over by their parents who now live in constant fear of their children being abducted or being injured just riding their bikes or playing ball.

It’s no wonder why children today can’t think for themselves, because they are so monitored and brainwashed to thinking that everything around them is dangerous. Yes, things have changed and there are more people now on the planet who have made us all a bit more sensitive to our surroundings, but it’s not a way to live even for us adults.

It’s no wonder why this new generation of kids have no idea how to socialize or why so many are disrespectful to their parents and their teachers, the ones who created this new modern world that has stolen these values from their children.

Instead of spending time with their kids they give them electronics to babysit and keep them busy so that they don’t have to interact with them, using the excuse it’s because they themselves don’t have the time, having to keep up with their busy work schedules.

The alternative to what I see is that the world of tomorrow will resemble that of science fiction movies, where there are no families anymore. Babies will be grown in artificial wombs taught by robots to be functional zombies of society. People will no longer have the need to find love or get married, but live as one big unit in a pre-programmed world doing what needs to be done in order to keep their artificial world moving. Until one day, the automated world that they have allowed to control their lives, will no longer have use for them and mankind will become obsolete.

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