The Dangers of Blindsided Ignorance

The Election is still up in the air and all we can do now is literally pray to God that Trump wins another 4 years or we are all going to witness all the hard work he accomplished go down the tubes bringing us right back to the years of the Obama “Destroy America” era.

They say that history has a tendency of repeating itself and we have to ask ourselves why, especially when it comes to things we’ve learned that destroyed past civilizations, because they refused to heed the warnings of their mistakes. One would think that by now having evolved this far, we would know better, but apparently it’s a part of our DNA that makes some people vulnerable to suggestion that keeps us going down the same path over and over again.

For those of you who doubt what I am saying, then perhaps you are one of those people who falls into that category of being easily brainwashed into believing what you are told rather than what you see. And that can be very dangerous not only to yourself, but to all those around you if the majority rules.

The Democratic Party, if you are paying attention is no longer that which you once knew. They have obviously been hijacked by what many would call “Evil” organizations who are trying to manipulate the world to abide by their “New World Order” agenda in order to assume the power they seek to rule every aspect of our lives. And if we don’t try to overcome our weaknesses then one day they will succeed and that is when life on this planet as we know it will be our demise.

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