There is a reason why animals are locked up in cages at the zoo, or in a natural habitat setting safely away from humans. It’s because if they weren’t then they would cause harm to humans, killing them and destroying property. Why, because animals are not able to know the difference. They are after all wild and no matter how long they are kept in captivity and treated well by their zoo keepers, if they escape they are still not tamed.

Like the saying goes you can take the animal out of the jungle or the wilderness, but you can’t take the jungle or wilderness behavior out of the animal. That is how people perceive blacks is why there is so much racial discord and fear of these people. And in spite of them constantly blaming other people for the way they live and the things they do, the truth of the matter is that they and no one else is to blame. It’s just who they are.

I don’t care how well educated some of them become, they still do things that only animals do. They kill each other like jungle animals do and destroy everything that surrounds them, especially what belongs to them, which only proves that they don’t have enough common sense to know better. An intelligent person wouldn’t burn down the house they live in or the stores that they need to shop in to survive. That’s not what humans do when they try to make a point. Animals who want your attention do that.

After over 300 hundred years they are just as primitive today as they were when they were taken from their jungle villages and sold by their own people. It’s because, as a race they have proven time and time again that like animals they have no sense of value for anything around them or even for their own lives. If they did, then they would not be depleting their own race by killing them on a daily basis, and if you notice you don’t see them rioting for those they murder.

The police like most of people are tired of catering to them, because they feel they’re entitled. Many Americans today do not have ancestors who kept slaves, they migrated to America centuries later, but yet they feel that all Americans who aren’t black must pay the price of taking care of them. Pretty much what was happening when they were slaves. The only difference is that now they don’t have to work for what they are given.

Equality is not a gift, it’s something that you earn and until you can prove to society that you are worth value, which will never happen as long as you keep burning, destroying, stealing and killing, you will only continue to be feared just like any wild animal who has escaped. It isn’t racism that makes people hate you, it’s your behavior that only you and no amount of protesting will ever change.

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