For decades Blacks in this country have been bitching and moaning about the same thing over and over again to get peoples attention to feel sorry for them. Using the same excuse as to why they feel that we treat them with inequality, racism, discrimination and stereotype them. Slavery! something that happened over 300 years ago to some of their ancestors, a story that’s getting as old as it’s past.

For starters if anyone bothered to read about history or watched the documentary or read the book “Roots”, you would know that the white man didn’t sell blacks into slavery the “Blackman” did. Yes, they had such disregard for human life, that they sold their own people for a few pieces of gold and silver, to fill their greedy pockets.

And just for the record, during those times white men, women and children were also sold into slavery by the English, for the same reasons, but you don’t see white people being able to use that as an excuse if they feel treated any differently.

Perhaps if black people didn’t commit such a high rate of crime in their communities,or show such disregard for human life, like those of their ancestors, when they shoot their neighbors, friends, family members and other innocent people. Rob stores, sell drugs on every street corner of their neighborhoods and show such disrespect for the law. And racism towards the white race. They wouldn’t be feared or stereotyped by those whom they approach. And not just whites as you believe, but people of all colors.

If you want respect, a better education for your children and don’t want to live in the Ghetto for your whole life, then stop allowing liberal minded socialist from brainwashing you into believing that with them in the White House your life on welfare is better than living in the street. And stop letting them convince you to hate your President, who actually wants you to work for a better life. Have you learned nothing in all these decades when Democrats have been in office? Did your life change for the better even during the Obama Administration, “No” it didn’t.

I have black friends who are well educated, have a beautiful home and new cars in their driveway. They grew up in the ghetto, and since President Trump became President they are doing better than ever before, but unfortunately like most blacks they feel that the propaganda they are being fed by the liberals is still so promising.

Everything I’ve seen points to double standards in this country. What Republicans do is always wrong no matter what they do, and if the Democrats do the same things, they try to camouflage it to look like it’s okay to commit a crime, or lie or hate minorities though they pretend not to, just to get your votes.

When you protest for someone who committed a crime, even in spite of them being murdered unjustly, although some people may walk with you, when your protests turn into rioting, destruction, looting, you are not sending the message of your intention, but only emphasizing how many people already think of you. Not making things better, but causing more anger. If I am wrong, tell me how many protests have changed your lives in this country.

Actions speak louder than words. Clean up your communities instead of destroying them, quit constantly making people pity you, become independent of the liberal bonds that have been enslaving you for decades. Prove to America that you are not poor because you’re just lazy, your not stupid because liberals want to make you look that way when you follow them down the dependency path. Conform to society not distant yourself from tradition and I can guarantee you that one day you will be looked upon as equals not burdens to society without having to protest to prove why you deserve to be heard.

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