Throughout history in every civilization there have been a number of individuals, organizations and religions that have managed to brainwash people into believing anything that they tell them for their own personal gain and evil agenda, with very little effort, which can be catastrophic to those followers who after it’s too late begin to realize the damage that has been done. And these are not stupid people, but people of intelligence and from all walks of life.

World Leaders like Hitler, Kim Jong-Un, Saddam Hussein, XI Jinping along with cult leaders like Jim Jones, David Koresh, who have done the unthinkable to so many innocent people, still to this day in modern times, apparently has had little to no impact on convincing people not to become victims of these kinds of people. Instead, the very people that see how great the economy has turned around, since Obama left office, are still so easily being brainwashed into believing going back to poverty and a major recession is far better than prosperity. That to me is beyond frightening.

Do any of these people realize what will happen to this country if a half-witted, sexual offender, dementia ready for the old folk’s home Joe Biden wins the election? Not only won’t he know where he is, but imagine him being in charge of pushing the red button in the case of a nuclear war attack. BOOM! we’re dead. And him being manipulated by the Pelosi, Schummer, Schiff, Cortez cult of Democrats, whose only intention isn’t to help the poor, but to keep them poor and everyone else in poverty, so that they can be in total pushing their overpriced an socialism agenda control? Do millennial’s have any clue what socialism is? Perhaps, this generation needs to research all the countries whose people are fleeing such regimes.

And the hardships that will get worse if we let more people into this country? We can barely take care of our own citizens, who are starving? Not to mention bringing in more diseases like the one another foreign country gave us. And finally, destroying the prosperity that Trump has tried so desperately to give back to us before this horrific pandemic, which wouldn’t surprise me if the Democrats had insight about it’s creation.

Maybe rather than sitting home playing video games and listening to the propaganda they are being fed, this generation needs to read the book “1984” by George Orwell before they think twice about voting Democratic. If not, then don’t complain when you are living no better than you are during this pandemic, this is just a taste of what you life will be like with no more freedom, that could last for generations to come.

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