I seriously doubt that I am the only person who finds the predictions of Nostradamus and a scripture from the Bible that is so accurate to the current situation we are undertaking, not to be a clue that we need to change our ways, unless we want the predictions to eventually lead us to our own demise.

You have to ask yourself why does God even bother having someone warn us, when He knows that we don’t seem to be getting the message. Like a child whose mother tells them not to touch a hot stove, but in defiance the child does it any way only to suffer the consequences of its actions.

Throughout history mankind has proven time and time, because of his defiance, selfishness and even ignorant behavior it doesn’t matter if we know something is harmful both to ourselves or to others, if it becomes an inconvenience to our needs.

So with this being said, to all those of you who feel that a little sacrifice is too much to bear even if it saves lives, like I would say to a drunken driver. If you want to kill yourself by driving drunk have at it, but don’t take me with you.

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