DEMOCRATS AND COVID-19 What They Have In Common

Watching the Democrats continue to pursue one accusation after another to find fault with our President hoping to twist the minds of the American people, so that they can pursue their deviate, frightening agenda to destroy our country is in my opinion no different than the corona virus. A disease that we knew was out there, but we ignored the dangers that it imposed, not realizing the lethal affect it would have on all of our lives, taking away our freedom and prosperity as a nation.

And the scariest part of this scenario, is the fact that in spite of how transparent they are, and how this country for eight long years felt the crunch from the last Democratic Administration, like the corona virus some people refuse to acknowledge what part they play in the outcome of how it will end.

In my opinion only the most ignorant and those who have always felt the need to depend on the government’s free handouts would even fathom wanting to elect a Democratic President. Never even considering the consequences of what it would be like to have a socialist lifestyle, allowing more illegal criminals into this country whom the workers of this country would have to feed. Or the fact that we shouldn’t allow foreigners to be elected into office who condemn our prayers and Pledge of Alliance in our Schools, because it offends them, who weren’t born citizens of this country.

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