Think Before You Vote

I have never considered myself to be either a Democrat or a Republican, but an American citizen who votes for the candidate that I feel will best serve our Nation. I’ve seen great Presidents from both parties throughout my life as well as bad ones, so like I said, no one should consider themselves anything, but rather someone who is able to make the right choice.

Unfortunately, especially with the upcoming generation, because parents today seem to be more interested in spending time on their computers and cell phones passing on this detrimental bad habit to their children, neither seem to be thinking beyond what they hear rather than observing for themselves what these candidates running for President have to offer. This being said, as followers rather than observers the ignorance of these kinds of voters could wind up literally destroying our country so severely,that it could take generations to recover from their mistake.

Just to prove my point, if you ask these so called Democrats why they hate Trump I can assure you that not one of them can tell you why. They have no idea what he has accomplished, which is scary, rather they are listening to people in government who are just voicing their personal opinions that come from being defeated.

They don’t have a clue how many jobs have been created. How he has removed us from a trade situation that Bill Clinton drowned us in. He has tried to bring our enemies closer, like the saying goes, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer”. Something that the Democrats know is a good idea, but because Trump is doing it, suddenly it’s unthinkable.

If you have any intelligence whatsoever, do your homework before you vote. Would you honestly want a President like Bernie Sanders, an old sickly Jewish man who hates his own people giving you false hope that you can have everything for free, which is basically keeping you poor and under the thumb of the government, and very unrealistic. Not to mention who also praises Dictators like Castro who has kept his people prisoners for decades in a socialistic/communistic world of poverty? Or someone like Joe Biden, who is not only showing early signs of dementia, but who thinks opening the flood gates to bring in even more illegal aliens to increase our poverty and increase our crime as well as allowing those just like them to remain here, running one of the most important jobs in the world?

Trump may not be perfect and has he’s faults, but the one thing that no one can deny is the fact that he is putting Americans first and this Corona Virus Pandemic is even further proof that if he wasn’t our President right now, we would all be screwed.

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