After thousands maybe even millions of years no one really knows for sure, human beings haven’t changed their behavior in any way, in spite of how far we have come both intellectually and technologically, when it comes to survival and believing the truth.

Let’s look at reality. As long as there is an abundance of food and water and we can live comfortably we are the first to help our fellow man in any way that we can, at least most of us feel the need to, it’s human nature. But that same human nature can soon become our dark side if push comes to shove and our survival is threatened. Everyone has that internal need to survive even if it means killing someone to do so.

Some people will say that’s not true they wouldn’t kill a fly let alone their fellow man. But until you’ve been put into that position, never say never.

And when it comes to things in life that are impossible to believe, that’s when we show how really ignorant we can be. Our ancestors were innocent to those things that in today’s world we take for granted., especially when it comes to technology. And everything they experienced in some way they did their best in whatever way they could to show what they experienced. They created drawings on rocks and walls, mimicking and passing down stories of what they saw for generations. Stories that because we didn’t see it or experience it today, we assume it to be a myth. And yet those things that were created by man out of superstitions we have taken to be the absolute truth, regardless of how contradictory any of it has proven to be.

Though it would be nice to think that one day mankind will change his behavior and wake up to what’s really true and what isn’t, I wouldn’t count on it any time soon.

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