Remember What Bad Karma Does

You know what they say about “Karma” it can be a bitch when it comes back around. And I honestly believe that the Democrats are going to regret what they did to our President. Like an elephant, people don’t forget when you do something that pisses them off and trust me they have pissed off a lot of voters and maybe even a few undecided voters.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, you need to watch what you do and say that hurts someone, because when it comes back to you it will be far worse than you can image.

When my mother was a live around the age of 65, I once told her that she needed to lose weight, because it was going to kill her one day if she didn’t, and when she didn’t exercise claiming that she couldn’t because of her arthritis, I told her that she was just being lazy and quit making excuses.

I had lost a lot of weight and became very active, so I didn’t want to hear it. My mother passed away at sixty-seven of leukemia that she had had for over 15 years. But even knowing this I never let up on her health issues.

Today at age 73, I deeply regret what I said and did to her. I have arthritis restricting my life beyond my imagination,something for an active person is life destroying. And because I can’t exercise and my metabolism is none existent, I’ve gained weight I can’t get rid of. Being sorry won’t come close to the regrets I have and how I treated my mother.

So to the Democrats I can only say one thing. Never say or do anything to anyone that you don’t expect to come back tenfold.

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