Every year people always make New Year resolutions that they hope to keep, but we all know how that works out. We start off with good intentions, but after about three weeks we slowly begin to slack off and forget about those self promises.

Like going to the gym to exercise three times a week. Sticking to that strict diet to lose those extra pounds that have been clinging on like a vine. The one that you swear this time you’re going to stay on, until you go out with your friends and they start ordering your favorite desserts that you can’t resist, then scold yourself by saying that “Tomorrow you just won’t eat as much”.

The only reason that we even make New Year Resolutions is because we are so worried about how we are perceived by other people. So, does it make you wonder why people in our society today are so screwed up in the head?

Whether it’s our political views, our religious beliefs, or the way we look and how we dress, why do we always feel like it’s our duty to change these things for the sake of pleasing others?

Maybe this Year’s New Year’s Resolution should be about learning to love the person you are and what makes you happy. If you hate going to the gym, then don’t. If you feel like having a dessert then eat it and don’t go out and buy a new wardrobe if you’re fine with the one you have.

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