The Democrats have finally done it to themselves. Showing their true colors by voting to impeach our President. Never mind that 63 million Americans voted for him. Never mind that he has and wants to continue to restore this country after the detrimental affects of the Obama Administration that kept the poor in the poor house and crippled the Middle class for 8 long years. And yet, all you people who are in support of this party don’t get what their doing. It is so obvious that it is all just about revenge. Just one more made up story to do whatever it takes to remove someone that they just personally don’t like.

These people seem to find every reason in the book to discredit our President, but not one has made a single comment about all the criminal offenses that their candidate Hillary Clinton should have been jailed for or the disgrace that her husband Bill Clinton showed to this country when he was President. Seems to me that this whole thing is a double-standard. What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

You know what they say that “Karma” is a b—tch, and what goes around comes around.

So, when you are dumb enough to cut your nose to spite your own face just remember that it will come back to bite you in the you know where.

Not only have they brought the Republican Party closer than ever, but they have in my opinion just guaranteed that President Trump is going to be siting in that oval office for another 4 long years. Let’s see what the Democrats can come up with this time to waste yet another term of taxpayers money, while they sit and do nothing for this country.

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