How Man Will Self-Destruct

For decades we have all laughed at how far fetched all of those Sci-Fi movies are, like “Star Trek”, “Star Wars”, ” The Terminator Series” and “I’ Robot”, just to name a few, where technology becomes so advanced that man slowly becomes obsolete. How ridiculous is that we all said. Well hold on to your seats everyone, because guess what, the more we keep allowing scientific geniuses to enhance artificial intelligence, the likelihood that we will grow closer to our own self-destruction.

For all those of you who are skeptics and honestly believe that we are God’s only creations in the Universe, you’d better wake up to reality. Alien life does exist, and has existed for probably millions of years ahead of us. It has taken a lot of persuasion, but now even our own government as well as other governments and numerous religious leaders are finally having to admit that they know this to be fact. That we are not alone in the universe and we have been visited and are still being visited by other worldly entities who may be influencing us to follow their agenda.

I know, whoever is reading this will say that I must be some nut case and that I have no idea what I’m talking about. Are you so sure? Think about all the movies and books that have been written about aliens and outer space. Such details coming from people who have no idea of such things other than from their own imagination. Or is it that something has been and will continue to influence them to write such stories in order to give man a glimpse of what’s to come.

If this is all so crazy then you must ask yourself. Why are there more and more programs about aliens. And why has our government and other governments around the world been so afraid to admit what they know about UFO’s and ignore stories by those who claim that they have been abducted. Why, because the truth would cause panic and prove that we are not in control of ourselves, but perhaps at the mercy of those who are seeking not to enhance our lives, but to help us to self-destruct.

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