I have never really had any specific party affiliation, rather I look at the candidates who are running for office to see who is best qualified for the job. Over the years like so many people who are struggling, I will admit for a time I found myself leaning towards the Democratic Party, because like so many people who didn’t know any better, I too had been brainwashed into believing that Democrats fight for the poor, whereas Republicans are always for the rich.

Not until Donald Trump ran and became President, did I finally realize for the first time in decades (like no doubt so have many other millions of Americans) how blindsighted I had become by the false promises made by the Democrats. During the Obama Administration he did nothing to change this countries job problems, giving people the opportunity to get back on their feet, so that they didn’t have to depend on the government for support. In fact, things only got worse. More people lost their jobs, welfare and food stamp lines grew and we the middle class were still struggling to keep our heads above water. And for two years out of his eight in office, social security recipients got no cost of living raises.

For the past three years, it has become very obvious why the Democrats have been so bent on removing Donald Trump from his Presidency. It’s because for the first time we have elected a Republican that has proven that “NO” it isn’t true that the Republican Party is just made up of rich people who only care for the rich. He has actually done what he said that he would do to restore this nation to what it used to be, in spite of how hard the Democrats have continually done everything in their power to discredit him, which we are now all seeing has been nothing, but wasting taxpayers money, while they do nothing constructive for which they were elected to do.

So just a bit of caution for all those of you who haven’t wised up yet and still think that the Democrats should be put back in office, with one of the candidates now running for office who are in my opinion all a joke, be careful what you wish for, because tomorrow is too late once you make a mistake.

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