Watching the Eagle Fall

Once upon a time there was a land called America that had gained the reputation of being the greatest country in the world. A place where freedom and justice gave all who came upon her shores, the opportunity to experience the best education, find jobs that would offer them prosperity, and where even though it had become the melting pot of the world one language was accepted by all without bias.

A once safe haven from the perils of war and violence. Where one’s religious beliefs were not imposed upon others of different faiths. Where it’s schools, and public places were not threatened with evil by those who have chosen the devil’s path. And it’s government was not a battlefield of prejudice, because it’s party did not win an election.

No more do I see or know of such a place, that continues to follow a path of self-destruction, destroying not only the legacy of it’s past that the fore-father’s fought for, but stealing from future generations from knowing what it was like as we “Watch the Eagle Fall”.

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